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“Sinulot?” Nicole Barreto accuses Gretchen Barreto of stealing Atong Ang from her

It appears that the rift between the Barretos isn’t but over.

On October 19, a screenshot of direct messaging between a netizen and Nicole Barreto, daughter of Jay-Jay Barreto, who’s a brother of Gretchen, has been circulated on the web.

The dialogue opened one other controversy between the members of the Barreto clan after Nicole Barreto, accused her aunt Gretchen for taking away her ex-boyfriend Charlie “Atong” Ang.

According to the screenshots posted by Instagram person @Bashing.shing, Nicole denied that she was forcefully transferred to the United States, saying that she went outdoors the nation voluntarily to maneuver on after Gretchen took her ex-boyfriend Atong Ang who’s a identified gambler.

“I just want to inform you that I wasn’t thrown to the states. I was there to move on from what Gretchen and Atong did to me. I’m stating the fact that my own aunt stole my boyfriend. The next travels to the states were for my education. Since I do have an education and finished a doctorate. Just so you know. Thank you po,” Nicole advised the netizen.

After the dialogue between Nicole and the netizen went viral, Gretchen Barreto defended herself from the accusations of her niece.

According to Gretchen, Nicole is the one who stole Atong from her aunt Claudine Barreto.

“I was told that Nicole stole Atong from her aunt Claudine,” Gretchen mentioned on her Instagram story.

She additionally mentioned that Nicole was being pushed by her mom to have a relationship with Ang.

She additionally questioned why Nicole remains to be making an attempt to open the dialogue about her relationship with Atong whereas she already has a child and boyfriend.

“You just gavve birth & have a boyfriend & yet, hinahabol mo a cliente mong si Atong,” she mentioned.

She insisted that Atong didn’t court docket Nicole.

Gretchen additionally mentioned that Atong who’s already married will make an announcement within the following days to make clear his relationship with Nicole.

Gretchen additionally urged her niece to search out one other wealthy man and keep away from pushing herself to Atong.


“Ask your mom to find you a new wealthy man to hire you,” Gretchen mentioned.

It was reported that Nicole is among the members of the Barreto household who joined the confrontation that occurred within the wake of Mr. Miguel Alvir Barretto.

However, Nicole denied that she’s the one who began the incident.

“Plenty of people witnessed it. I had my arms in the air to show I wasn’t doing anything to her,” Nicole mentioned.

“It’s just unfair that they control the media and twist the facts, I do not regret protecting my Tita Marj,” she added.

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