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Changes Filipinos Must Know about Their Driver’s License in 2020

In current months, some drivers complained concerning the rules carried out by the Land Transportations Office (LTO). According to them there are inconsistencies that have to be mounted. Some transport teams are additionally asking for the LTO to offer a radical effort to teach the Filipino drivers and never simply instantly implement new rules. They additionally recommend that the LTO should seek the advice of the general public first concerning new rules to listen to their sides. 

It was recorded that as of December 2019, there have been 14.4 Million Filipinos who acquired driver’s license. This is in keeping with the Management Information Division of LTO. Currently, there are three sorts of driver’s license within the Philippines: Student’s Permit (SP), Non-Professional Driver’s License (NPDL), and Professional Driver’s License (PDL) and these licenses are divided into 2 classes that are A (gentle automobiles) and B (heavy automobiles).

If you’re a Restriction 2 holder, you possibly can nonetheless drive computerized transmission automobiles and never solely handbook. This has been already carried out by the LTO since February 1998 as much as August 2019. But now, there are main adjustments being refined by the LTO. Unlike the previous that has eight restriction codes and which additionally will depend on totally different circumstances, the brand new license is predicated on the worldwide requirements which have extra classes. It now has three classes for bikes. 


Under class A1 (for bikes), there are:

L1 (2 wheels with a most design pace not exceeding 50 kph)

L2 (three wheels with a most design pace not exceeding 50 kph)

and L3 (2 wheels with a most design pace exceeding 50 kph). 

For class A2 (for tricycles), there are:

L4 (motorbike with aspect automobiles with a most design pace exceeding 50 kph)                         L5 (three wheels symmetrically organized with a most pace exceeding 50 kph)                       L6 (Four wheels whose unladen mass just isn’t me than 350 kg with a most design pace not exceeding 45 kph)                                                                                                                                       and L7 (Four wheels whose unladen mass just isn’t me than 550 kg with a most design pace not exceeding 45 kph).

Ignorance to those rules is usually could be the rationale for corrupt visitors enforcers to commit bribery. Also, some visitors enforcers usually are not completely educated concerning the rules themselves subsequently you will need to familiarize these rules your self. It is necessary to do not forget that the LTO might be strictly implementing these new rules and naturally, there might be penalties upon breaking them. 

Lastly, it’s worthwhile to apply for the precise license for the kind of automobile you will drive to keep away from being penalized. There are so many automobiles within the Philippines proper now and plenty of cities have gotten extra congested due to this. According to the LTO, there have been so many data of accidents over the last yr that’s why the LTO is trying to firmly implement these new mandates. To study extra about these new mandates, go to your nearest LTO workplace or go to this web site to see their listing:


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