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Pres. Duterte Threatens to End Military Deal with the US

Larry Downing/Reuters (Larry Downing/Reuters)

After Ronald Dela Rosa obtained a reply from the embassy that his visa for the United States is not legitimate, Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte threatened the US to cancel the nation’s take care of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA). Dela Rosa stated that the cancellation of his visa may be associated to his alleged human rights violation via his supposed involvement within the Extra Judicial Killings (EJK) within the nation beneath Duterte’s “War on Drugs” marketing campaign. However, the US embassy didn’t state a purpose for the cancellation. 


“If you don’t issue a correction, I will terminate the Visiting Forces Agreement. I am giving notice and they begin to count. I am giving government and the American government one month from now.” Duterte said in a speech on Thursday. 

The VFA is a part of the broad army agreements between the Philippines and the United States in 1999. This settlement additionally contains the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement and the Mutual Defense Treaty. These offers intention to defend one another, the US and the Philippines, in case of an assault on their territory. 


Explaining in regards to the ultimatum by Duterte, Dela Rosa justified the president’s menace by saying:

“I don’t deserve this bargain but it is not all about me. It is about a one sided foreign relations. Their soldiers can freely enter the country while a senator of this republic is barred from entering their territory due to their intentions of tinkering with our domestic affairs. He (Duterte) is a leader who doesn’t want his people treated unfairly.”

Meanwhile, commenting on the problem, Sen. Panfilo Lacson stated on a textual content message to a reporter:

“Visa is a conditional authorization given by a country to visiting foreigners which may be granted, cancelled, and even denied. The VFA is a bilateral agreement between the Philippines and the US that went through some back and forth discussions prior to Senate ratification but not without intense plenary deliberation. It is therefore difficult to understand the connection between the two.”

In December of 2016, Duterte additionally threatened the US to organize for the cancellation of an settlement on the “deployment of troops and equipment for exercises” because of his disappointment on the Millennium Challenge Corporation or the MCC’s determination to permit the re-selection of Manila for compact improvement because of human rights points.

“The politics here in Southeast Asia is changing. We do not need America’s money. China said they will provide so many. I will serve notice to you now that this will be the last military exercises.” Duterte said, referring to the October 2016 scheduled US-Philippines army workouts. 


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