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“P.I paano mo tutulungan ang Pilipinas?”

Defeated senatorial candidate and former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay couldn’t cover his anger anymore in direction of President Rodrigo Duterte after the latter defended the Chinese folks amid the 2019-nCoV scare within the Philippines.

On a tweet, Hilbay made a remark to Duterte’s name to finish the Sinophobia or unhealthy therapy in opposition to the Chinese within the Philippines.

He referred to as Duterte a ‘puppet’ and requested how he’s going to assist the Filipinos amid the attainable outbreak within the nation.

“Oo ser alam na naming tuta ka, pero ang tanong: P***** I** PAANO MO TUTULUNGAN ANG PILIPINAS AT ANG MGA PILIPINO?” Hilbay stated.

One of his followers expressed concern over the mood of Hilbay and requested him to relax.

“Kalma lang pañero. Ang puso mo,” @atty_don informed Hilbay.

“asar e. sige, shot muna ko ng gin,” Hilbay responded.

Hilbay is among the critics of the Duterte administration and China.

On his previous tweet, Hilbay additionally claimed that China tried to cover the outbreak to the world.

“China didn’t disclose the full extent of the new coronavirus outbreak. It stifled the free flow of information. That is why people, institutions, & organizations weren’t able to react properly. The Philippines should learn from this error. YOU CAN’T STOP AN OUTBREAK W CENSORSHIP,” he stated.

In a press convention in Malacanang Monday, Duterte stated that the general public ought to chorus from treating the Chinese badly within the nation.

“China has been kind to us. We can only also show the same favor to them. Stop this sinophobia,” Duterte stated.

“You know it’s not solely a case of unhealthy style however it’s not good for us Filipinos to be saying that. Ngayon (Now) they’re blaming the Chinese na galing sa (coming from) China. It might at all times incubate in another locations. It occurred in China, at the least the primary. But that’s not the fault of anyone. Not the Chinese, not the Filipino, nobody,” he added.

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