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Dengvaxia: 153 Deaths and Permanent License Revocation

Despite the outright denial of Sanofi Pasteur, the Dengvaxia producer, and former Health Sec. Janette Garin relating to the protection difficulty of the vaccine stated to stop dengue virus, the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) Forensic Laboratory has once more introduced robust proof of the consistency associated to the dying of the kids within the Philippines vaccinated with Dengvaxia. Deaths have now reached 153 and based on PAO, hundreds extra are in all probability in danger and being monitored. Garin, Sanofi Pasteur, and a few officers from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) at the moment are dealing with “reckless imprudence resulting to homicide” and different circumstances. 

It was throughout February 11, 2016 that the Philippines, beneath Health Secretary Janette Garin, hosted the nationwide launch of Dengvaxia despite the fact that that point, the vaccine was nonetheless on medical trial so it shouldn’t be authorised for mass vaccination. It was late that the World Health Organization (WHO) launched a warning, throughout March 2016, saying Dengvaxia “may be ineffective or may even increase that risk in those who are seronegative at the time of first vaccination.”

Even Sanofi Pasteur had claimed that the vaccine is unsafe, however solely “to those who have not yet contracted the dengue disease”. However, on the sequence of examinations, it was discovered that 9 out of 153 deaths (6%) who’re “seropositives”, or those that had been contaminated with dengue, additionally suffered and died from “Dengvaxia Death Syndrome”; that means that the vaccine was the reason for their dying.

It was stated that out of 1 million targets, there have been round 890,000 Filipinos vaccinated with Dengvaxia. This was throughout former President Nonoy Aquino’s administration. Even the daughter, the granddaughter, and the grandson of the President, Rodrigo Duterte, had been additionally vaccinated with the controversial Dengvaxia. However, there are not any stories in the event that they had been additionally having the unfavorable results. Interestingly, president Duterte’s daughter, Veronica “Kitty” Duterte, nonetheless contracted dengue fever in 2019. 

In November 2016, the House of Representatives probes the allegedly questionable buy of the vaccine and later, Senate claimed that it was “permitted without congressional approval”. 

Meanwhile, in November 29, 2017 Sanofi Pasteur proclaims that Dengvaxia is “more risky for people not previously infected by the virus” that’s why in December 1, 2017 Health Secretary Francisco Duque III ordered the momentary suspension of the vaccination program. But regardless of Sanofi’s declare that the vaccine is efficient, many individuals who had been vaccinated nonetheless died of Dengue fever. 

As of February 19, 2020, whereas circumstances are being processed in opposition to Garin, Sanofi and different well being officers, President Rodrigo Duterte completely banned Dengvaxia use within the nation. This is because of Sanofi’s inconsistency and failure to conform necessities and likewise to the overwhelming deaths allegedly brought on by the vaccine. PAO’s assigned forensic investigators persistently discovered possible trigger suggesting that Dengvaxia would possibly actually be the reason for these deaths. Among these 153 who died had been Elijah Rain de Guzman, age 12, Rhenzyl Castillo, 13 years previous, and a sure 14 12 months previous woman whose dad and mom don’t wish to establish. All of them suffered from “extreme fluid accumulation within the tissues (edema) and hemorrhaging within the mind. All of them acquired three doses of Dengvaxia vaccine.


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