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Jolo Romualdez warns netizen about certain individuals who are claiming that they’re part of Romualdez/Marcos clan

The nephew of former Senator Bongbong Marcos warned the netizen about some people who’re claiming that they’re a part of the facility Romualdez-Marcos clan.

Jolo Romualdez in a collection of Facebook publish revealed that the viral businessman Francis Leo Marcos just isn’t associated to their clan and he additionally stated that his actual title is Norman Mangusin.

“To all the people asking me about Mr. Francis Leo Marcos he is not related to me nor to my family po he’s real name is “Norman Mangusin” thanks,” he stated.


Romualdez additionally posted a doc exhibiting former First Lady Imelda Marcos asking the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to research some fraudulent individual.

In the doc, Romualdez listed 5 individuals and it included a sure Francis Leo Marcos.

“I have received continued disturbing reports about the above-mentioned persons using my name and my family’s name to collect unauthorized campaign donations, selling of fake gold certificates and using photographs and films/video coverage to associate themselves with me and my family for unauthorized and unscrupulous business practices,” Imelda wrote on the doc.

“Mr. Francis Leo Marcos has claimed that he is the son of Dr. Pacifico Marcos, the brother of my late husband and that he has been chosen by the Marcos family as the custodian of alleged wealth which we are not in possession of; he uses my photographs on social media after a photo opportunities and has produced a film positioning him as a signatory to the world’s wealth; he targets wealthy Chinese businessmen who want to do business in the Philippines and attracts them thru charitable causes,” she added.

Romualdez advised the netizens to be “extra careful” and keep away from believing something they see on the web.

“Please let’s be extra careful, lalo na sa panahon ngaun marami fraud. Ginagamit Last Name ng Romualdez or Marcos Hindi naman un ung real name or last name nya, sa mga kilala ko jan sa Leyte Manila and to other places please wag po agad maniwala if may magsabi or nagsabi na related to me or to my family even if there’s a photo or video you can verify message or contact me first po. keep safe everyone! thank you,” he stated.

“Kaya Yung mga fraud jan, before using a Name or Surname na Hindi naman un ung real name or apelyido mo you better think twice,” he added.

Francis Leo Marcos has gone viral on social media due to exhibiting his philanthropic actions on social media.

The businessman additionally posted some photographs of him along with some members of the Marcos clan like former First Lady Imelda Marcos, former Senator Bongbong Marcos, and Fortuna Edralin Marcos.

“My date told me that I look like Ferdie (Ferdinand Marcos)  I reply her with the snob  and say I look more like. PAKING (pacifico Marcos my father) than Ferdie and she laughs open air wahahahaha,” Francis Leo Marcos stated on his publish final yr.

Several days in the past, he even confirmed the homes of the individuals residing in a super-exclusive subdivision in Quezon City and urging them to go exterior to assist the needy.

Marcos acquired reward on social media due to his good deeds and referred to as him the following web sensation.


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